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Colors and Materials

‘Enviroshield’ Finishing Systems

Hauser’s Enviroshield Finishing Systems have been developed over decades of outdoor experience in diverse environments and operating conditions. We leverage both in-house and external testing, and capitalize on technical innovations to continually improve our process to satisfy our customers’ changing requirements.

We employ a comprehensive 6-stage pre-treatment process, material-specific anti-corrosive plating and coating, and optimized application of UV-stable, TGIC-free HauserKote powder coating on each of our products.

Why TGIC Free?

TGIC is toxic! Although many manufacturers still use TGIC (triglycidyl isocyanurate) powder coating, TGIC is a Category 2 mutagen. As a result, it is now classified as a toxin and cannot be used in certain regions. TGIC is known to cause skin sensitization in some people, which can lead to severe skin rashes. Respiratory sensitization is also a concern. Exposure occurs by breathing in dust containing TGIC, by skin contact and by ingestion. Ingestion can be caused by contamination of hands, food and drink, and following inhalation. As a result many companies in the European Union have stopped applying this material, and this practice will propagate to other regions as well.

All swatches are only indicative in color and may vary from the actual samples. Click here to download a PDF of the swatches below.

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Other available colours (Additional charges may apply)
• All standard RAL colours, custom colours and colour-matching

Ocean Blue
Lime Green
Designer White, Low Sheen
Antique Vellum
Antique Vellum, Smoothtex
Slate Black
Slate Black, Low Sheen Sandtex
Textured Stone
Textured Stone, Low Sheen Sandtex
Silver Age
Silver Age, Smoothtex
Frosted Pewter
Frosted Pewter, Smoothtex
Frosted Titanium
Frosted Titanium, Smoothtex
Crinkle Black
Crinkle Black, Smoothtex
Crinkle White
Crinkle White, Smoothtex
Celeste Blue, Smoothtex
Absinthe Green, Smoothtex
Nutmeg, Sandtex
Nutmeg, Sandtex
Teak (on select items)
Envirowood Sand
Envirowood Grey
Driftwood Weave

Hauser AlumiWOOD (Sublimated Aluminum)

AlumiWOOD 'Quick Facts' Sheet (PDF)

Hauser AlumiWOOD is a very versatile material, constructed of rigid extruded aluminum and hyper-durable powdercoating. The product goes through a sublimation process to give it the natural and warm appearance of wood grain. The 6063 aluminum billet used in AlumiWOOD is 100% recyclable, and contains 70% recycled content: 10% post consumer aluminum, and 60% pre-consumer aluminum. This material uses solvent free finishes which do not emit volatile organic compounds (VOC). AlumiWOOD is virtually maintenance free, and will not rot, warp, or peel making it an ideal option for any exterior environment.

All finishes are only indicative in color and may vary from the actual samples. Click here to download a PDF of the swatches below.

Click swatches below to enlarge.

Hauser HPL (High-Pressure Laminate)

Hauser HPL (High-Pressure Laminate) is produced in a thermosetting press under very high temperature and pressure. This process creates a thin, yet durable panel that can be used in an endless number of outdoor furniture applications. Hauser HPL enhances the look, performance and longevity of any project. These exterior grade panels are extremely robust, with excellent protection against weather, UV radiation, impact and scratching; all while exceeding North American fire requirements. This durability and resilience makes Hauser HPL an ideal option for any exterior environment.

All finishes are only indicative in color and may vary from the actual samples. Click here to download a PDF of the swatches below.

Click swatches below to enlarge.


Hauser uses Brazilian Ipe hardwood sourced from environmentally managed, sustained-yield forests. Ipe is highly durable, resistant to insects and weathers all environments (Ipe was used for the boardwalk along the beach of New York City’s Coney Island, and was said to have lasted 25 years before it need to be replaced: an amazing lifespan given the amount of traffic and environmental stresses put upon the wood). Ipe adapts to the humidity of the installed environment and weathers naturally to a grey patina. Click here to download the Janka Hardwood Rating Scale (PDF) from our Hauser Resource Library.


All our teak originates from sustainable plantations. Hauser uses raw grade A teak giving the option to either let the wood naturally turn grey over time with exposure to the elements or seal/stain it a color of your choosing. Grade A teak is dense with a high resin content that allows it to withstand extreme temperature changes without cracking.


Bamboo is one of the fastest growing, renewable resources in the world. With properties comparable to hardwood, it is an ideal alternative to tropical hardwoods. Why use Bamboo on Hauser Site Furniture? Because Bamboo provides sustainable forestry as the Bamboo plant does not die after harvesting. Bamboo has been included in the FSC system since 2008, and certification can be provided, if requested. Production of our Bamboo product complies with the most stringent quality, and health & safety procedures (ISO 9001, FSC, ISO14001). The longer the lifetime of a product, the lower the environmental impact will be. Bamboo products score very high on durability factors (hardness, density, stability, etc). At the end of its life cycle, bamboo is easily recycled as a resource to make chipboard, or it can be burnt in a biomass energy plant to create green electricity (reducing fossil fuel consumption). The use of Bamboo products on Hauser Site Furniture can contribute to LEED credits for your project!

Thermo Ash

Thermowood Ash is obtained from sustainable forests in Northern America and is created using an all-natural, chemical-free thermal modification process. The result is a sustainable, renewable natural wood resource with a deep, opulent finish with unsurpassed stability, performance and rot resistance. Thermally Modified Ash holds a Class-1 durability rating according to European Technical Norms and provides a minimum biological durability of 25 years.

Envirowood (Recycled Plastics)

Envirowood 'Quick Facts' Sheet (PDF)

As part of our commitment to the environment, Hauser is proud to offer the option of using 100% recycled plastic lumber for use on benches, planters and waste receptacles. Envirowood is virtually maintenance-free, extremely durable, flame resistant, and stands up to the rigors of public wear and street salt.

All finishes are only indicative in color and may vary from the actual samples. Click here to download a PDF of the swatches below.

Outdoor Fabrics & Cushions

Hauser utilizes high-performance fabrics specifically designed for commercial outdoor use and ultimate durability. Resisting stains, mold, and mildew, our exceptional UV stable fabrics are specifically engineered to hold their vibrant colour in all climates and through the continual cleaning that public spaces require. Hauser commercial outdoor cushions contain high-resilience, flexible polyurethane foam with a dense cell structure that provides exceptional support, durability and instant recovery. The super-durable foam retains its shape through the heaviest of use and is fast draining and mildew resistant. These cushions are reversible and will outperform and outlast other cushions that would typically have to be replaced several times.

All swatches are only indicative in color and may vary from the actual samples. Click here for a PDF of our current Standard Acrylic Fabrics. **Please note that these fabrics may have a longer lead time.

Click swatches below to enlarge.

All-Weather Wicker

The synthetic fiber used in the production of Hauser Commercial Weave is unmatched for its high grade flexibility, strength and weather resistance. This specially designed, variegated and UV stable fiber offers the appearance of natural wicker and is hand-woven on powder-coated aluminum frames, creating exterior products suitable for complete outdoor exposure.

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