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Introducing the Hauser Site 'Parklet'

Introducing the Hauser Site ‘Parklet’ – a comprehensive sidewalk extension system that provides a safe oasis for pedestrians along busy city streets. These Parklets can be installed at curbside parking lanes, parking lots or any other public space, converting these spots into new vibrant community destinations. This innovative design incorporates a variety of different seating options, greenery, and/or bike racks in order to accommodate unmet demands for public space along thriving neighborhood retail streets and commercial areas.  They are designed to allow for the appropriate amount of social distancing to promote safe gathering during these unprecedented times and can be modified for greater capacity in the future.  

The unique modular design allows for scalability, easy delivery, installation and removal, whether it be for special events or seasonal storage.  Comprised of all-welded ‘Hauser Kote Thermoplast’ metal frames with ‘Hauser EnviroWood’ or pressure-treated wood floor panels, each section goes together easily and does not require heavy equipment to handle.  These units can be assembled and dismantled time and time again.  Modular fence panels or planters form the exterior boundaries and a variety of seating options are available to complete the improved street aesthetic.


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